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According to Regulation on Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment’s 8/b part that was published on 24/03/2007 Official  Gazette number  26472;  the manufacturer that manufactured the apparatus complies with the appropriate essential requirements identified in relevant provisions of this Regulation shall apply to the Authority for permission at least four weeks before placing the apparatus that uses non-harmonised frequency or frequency bands to the market under the procedures  determined by the Authority via submitting Class 2 Application Form.


Import of Telecommunications Equipment to Turkey - Class 2 Notification Form


Import control system under the Regime on Technical Regulations and Standardization for Ministry of Economy in Turkey has been subject to modifications since 2006 with the aim of harmonization of the European Union (EU) technical legislation. Brief explanations regarding import of telecommunications equipment to Turkey are given below:

  • Firstly, all of telecommunications equipment should comply with R&TTE (Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive - European Union Directive). And this telecommunications equipment must have documents such as, Declaration of conformity, test reports, etc. for showing compatible with R&TTE Directive. This directive included CE marking.

  • The  firms wanting to import Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment to Turkey should have a representative in Turkey is definitely settled. However, as an authorized representative does not need to get approval from our Authority.

  • If your telecommunications equipment is in the list of class 2 approval at it is not necessary to submit the notification form. If telecommunications equipment is not in the list, its distributor must apply to our Spectrum Management Department with Class 2 notification form both in Turkish and English and the official application petition. Our Authority does not accept notification form via e-mail.

  • If manufacturer is not located in Turkey, its distributor or its importer in Turkey has to submit the notification form with an official application letter to our Spectrum Management Department. 

  • There is no any approval fee.

  • There is no need to make application for approval of   apparatus existing in the market and open to operation without any restriction defined as Class 1 Equipment.

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