One of the most important activities in cyber security is raising awareness. Cyber exercises are the most common methods for raising awareness in this field. ICTA of Turkey successfully has organized 3 national and 1 international cyber exercises since 2011. Some of these events were co-organized by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Objectives of the these events were;

  • to raise awareness,
  • to enhance national/international cooperation on cyber security,
  • to enhance capabilities and information sharing to fight against cyber threats ,
  • to strenght the capacity and the role of participants in cyber security.

National Cyber Security Exercise (NCSE) 2011


National Cyber Security Exercise (NCSE) - 2011 was carried out between 25- 28 January 2011 with the participation of 41 public, private and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including judicial and law enforce¬ment agencies and various ministries as well as the ones from a diverse set of sectors such as finance, information technology and communication (ICT), education, defense and health. Six of those organi¬zations participated in the exercise as observers. Approximately 200 of¬ficers who are experts in the fields of ICT, law and public relations from the participatory organizations attended the exercise. In NSCE – 2011, not only the technical competence but also the intra and inter organizational coordination capabilities of the participants were evaluated by measuring their responses to the cyber-attacks in both the real and the simulation environment

Please click here for NCSE 2011 Report

Cyber Shield Exercise 2012


“Cyber Shield Exercise 2012” was held in May 2012, under the coordination of ICTA and with the participation of 12 internet access providers operating in the electronic communications market. Special care was taken to ensure the participation of the operators having the largest market share in the sector and the operators providing 3rd generation (3G) internet access.

Cyber Shield Exercise 2012, in which more than 50 experts of the participants and more than 30 experts of ICTA had taken active role, real Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks were directed to the test systems of the participants between May 8-22, 2012 and the sufficiency of the security measures taken against those attacks were assessed. On the other hand, written scenarios were sent through to the participants between May 23-28, 2012 and their responses to these scenarios were analyzed.

“Cyber Shield Exercise 2012” was completed by achieving quite success in testing the prevention states of the illegal traffic generated by DDoS attacks in the layer of internet access providers, before those attacks reach their targets. This exercise was an effective and successful instance of public-private cooperation.

Please click here for Cyber Shield Exercise 2012 Report

National Cyber Security Exercise 2013 (NCSE 2013)


The main goal of NCSE (National Cyber Security Exercise) 2013 was to develop participants’ ability to respond to cyber attacks, to improve organizational and inter-agency coordination against cyber attacks and to increase national awareness level of cyber security.

NCSE 2013, is the most extensive cyber security exercise in Turkey in terms of sectoral distribution and the number of participants.

As public and private sectors, 61 institutions / organizations have participated in National Cyber Security Exercise 2013. 42 staff worked at exercise center and 152 staff worked at participants’ side. Nearly, 200 experts took part in NCSE 2013.

Within the exercise, 7 different types of real attacks including distributed denial of service (DDoS), web security, port scanning, log analyze, web control by participant, social engineering and written scenarios were performed.

Participant-specific reports were prepared for each participant and sent to the relevant institution’s senior executives.

International Cyber Shield Exercise 2014 (ICSE 2014)


International Cyber Shield 2014 Exercise (ICSE 2014) had been successfully co-organized by Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Information Technologies and Communications Authority (ICTA) of Turkey and The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in collaboration with the ITU-IMPACT on May 15-16 2014 in İstanbul.

ICSE 2014 was performed with the participation of 20 countries (Table 1). Almost 250 people consisting of ICT experts, foreign guests and experts from National CERTs of participated countries took part in the ICSE 2014.




Child Online Protection, Mobile Security and Computer Forensics, and Cyber Investigation workshops were held on the first day of the event. On the second day, National CERTs joined the drill on written scenarios about how to handle cyber threats. During the drill, two different written scenarios have been forwarded to the teams. The cyber drill was based on fictitious scenarios to measure the National CERTs incident handling capabilities. The exercise was structured around scenarios that included several incidents involving the most common types of attacks. The scenarios were communicated simultaneously to all participating teams. The exercise facilitator has made explanations to the teams throughout the scenario analysis.

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