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Internet domain names is defined as the names define the internet protocol number which is used to determine the address of computer or internet websites.


Domain names have a hierarchical structure. Sections separated by a point in the domain names have an increasing level of importance from left to right. The rightmost section “” is TLD (Top Level Domain) and the middle section “btk” is SLD (Second Level Domain) in the domain name of Top level domain names are divided into two parts:

  • Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) and
  • Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).


gTLDs are domain names which group domain names under a certain purpose, do not have any geographical meaning, consist of three or more characters and end with an extension like “com, net, org, gov, edu, mil, int”. These domain names were added to the domain name system (DNS) in 1984 and it has been used since 1984.


ccTLDs are domain names which state a country, a piece of land or geographical region and end with two-letter abbreviations as defined in ISO 3166 standard. For example, our country code is “.tr”, France's is “.fr” and Japan's is “.jp”. Adding ccTLDs to DNS has begun in the early 1980s

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