Market Definitions and Analyses of Electronic Communication Sector



 Market Analysis in Electronic Communications Markets in Turkey
 EU Regulatory Framework at the First Glance
 Relevant Markets

The table below is showing the name of the defined markets which were analysed recently and the consultation documents, final documents and the related board decisions regarding those market analysis.


   Relevant Markets  Consultation Document  Final Document Related Board Decision 
Access to the Public Telephone Network at a Fixed Location     2009/DK-10/659
 2 Call Origination on Fixed Telephony Networks       2010/DK-10/9
 3 Call Termination on Fixed Telephony Networks      2009/DK-10/624 
 4 Wholesale Pysical Network Infrastructure Access       2010/DK-10/10 
 5  Wholesale Broadband Access       2010/DK-10/20
 6  Wholesale Leased Lİnes (terminating and trunk segments)
 7  Call Termination on Public Mobile Telephony Networks     2009/DK-10/627 
 Publicly Available Local, National and International Telephone Services Provided at a Fixed Location       2010/DK-10/18
 9  Retail Lesad Lines     2009/DK-10/625 
 10  Transit Services in the Fixed Telephony Network     2010/DK-10/103 
 11  Wholesale Access and Call Origination on Public Telephony Networks      2009/DK-10/626


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