National Frequency Plan



This table prepared with basis of ITU-R and CEPT documentations forms Turkey’s National Frequency Plan. This table has been prepared with the aim of informing manufacturers, operators and spectrum users about existing and planned situations of spectrum ranging from 8.3 kHz to 275 GHz. ITU-R Region-1 Allocation and ECA Tables (European Common Allocation Table) have been taken into account in the preparation phase. This table includes 9 columns; frequency range, ITU-R Region-1 Allocation, ECA Table, National Plan, Application, Document, Standard and Explanations respectively. Furthermore, it also includes the web links of decisions and recommendations Turkey has applied. Capital letters indicates primary usage of the bands,e.g. RADIONAVIGATION and small letters indicate secondary usage of the band, e.g. amateur. This table will be updated by taking into account of advances in ITU-R and ECA tables.



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