BTK Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, participated in 28th IRG/BEREC General Assembly


Independent Regulators Group – IRG and Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications- BEREC have the aim of forming of common understanding, sharing of experiences and giving opportunity to benchmark the regulations on electronic communications sector in Europe. Last General Assemblies of BEREC and IRG, were held in Vilnius on October 5-7, 2016. BTK Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Board Members and experts participated in the meetings. 

National Regulatory Bodies of European Union Members, 4 EFTA (European Free Trade Area) countries and 5 Candidate Countries to the EU have been represented in the General Assemblies.

BTK Delegation took place in BEREC Accesibility Workshop, Board of Regulators (BoR), Management Committee (MC) and IRG General Assembly meetings in Vienna. The roaming, mobile termination rates, net neutrality and European agenda on electronic communications sector issues were held in the meetings. Besides new proposal on telecommunication regulatory framework was discussed in the meetings. 



Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan has come together with Non-EU members in traditional Non-EU breakfast before the IRG General Assembly. In addition, as IRG Vice Chair reponsible for the IRG workshop, Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, took his place as IRG Vice Chair in executing the IRG Heads’ Workshop on “Global regulatory perspectives on the internet ecosystem” and he made a speech during the workshop.


Dr. Sayan had been elected as 2016 IRG Vice Chair who represents the non-EU members of BEREC during the London General Assembly on 10-11 December 2015.

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