Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan paid a visit to the USA


BTK Chairman and IRG Vice President Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan paid a study visit to the USA together with the BEREC Board Members between 22-27 May 2016. Within the programme, Board Members had meetings with investors, public authorities, universities and telecom companies in Boston, New York and Washington.

BEREC Board Members met with David Clark from MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology and paid a visit to Harvard University and Verizon Technology Innovation Centre in Boston.
The second round of the BEREC USA visit continued with New York meetings. BEREC Board Members firstly paid a visit to Columbia University and then had a meeting with Google delegation and visited the Measurement Lab. Then, they visited the AT&T, one of the world’s biggest telecom companies and its Network Operation Center. The meetings in New York ended with New York Stock Exchange, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley visits.

The final round of the BEREC USA visit was to Washington and started with FCC (the regulatory body of the USA) Chairman Tom Wheeler. In the meeting, regulatory models for Europe and USA, net neutrality and BEREC-FCC cooperation issues have been discussed. BEREC Board Members had also meetings with The Information Technology and Innovation Center- ITIF, internet service supplier COGENT and New America Foundation. The last meetings in Washington held with The National Telecommunications and Information Administration- NTIA and Facebook Vice President Kevin Martin.

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