Meeting between ICTA and NCC Delegations


Nigeria became the third stop of President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN in West Africa after completing his programmes in Cote d’Ivorie and Ghana. During the visit, ICTA delegation composed of Dr. Ömer Fatih SAYAN, Chairman of the Board & President of ICTA and Mr. Musa ŞAHİN, Board Member paid a visit to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and held a meeting with NCC management on 2 March 2016.

In the meeting between ICTA and NCC delegations, developments in the field of ICT in both countries, activities of ICTA and NCC and current issues of mutual interest have been discussed. Moreover, establishment of bilateral cooperation between two authorities and possible cooperation areas have been taken up.

Dr. Ömer Fatih SAYAN, Chairman of the Board gave detailed information about 4.5G services which will be available on 1 April 2016 and obligations regarding the usage of domestic products are imposed to the mobile operators. Dr. SAYAN said “provision of 4.5G mobile services will start and the way for the transition to 5G with national technology is paved. Operators will start to offer 4.5G services on 1 April 2016. It is expected further expansion of broadband infrastructure, provision of mobile broadband services to more consumers and great contribution to national economy.”

Furthermore, SAYAN “We need to work together to prevent any illegal action, including misuse of internet for terrorist purposes. Social media platforms should not be used as means of propaganda by terrorist organizations. Close cooperation between International Organizations, Governments, NGOs and internet intermediaries is required to combat with illegal use of internet.”

He also stated “ In spite of the big steps taken in the field of ICT recently, digital divide still remains as a significant obstacle. It is a broadly accepted fact that a sound legal and regulatory framework helps bridging the digital divide. In this regard, cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience between regulators will improve regulatory capacity and thus contribute development of ICT sector. Thus, there are great possibilities to establish cooperation in the field of ICT between two countries”.

In Nigeria, while communication policies are determined by the Ministry of Information and Communications, NCC is an independent regulatory authority which is responsible for the provision of efficient and qualified telecommunication services and to ensure fair competition in the communications sector. The decision-making body of NCC is the Commission which is composed of nine Commissioners made up of six non-executive members including the Chairman -representing each of the six Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria- and three executive members including the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive.

According to ITU data, there is full competition in mobile, fixed and internet markets in Nigeria. There are 183.290 fixed telephony subscribers corresponding to the penetration rate 0,1%. There are around 138.960.320 mobile subscribers and penetration rate is 77,84%. The number of fixed broadband subscribers is15.740 and penetration rate is 0.01%; while number of mobile broadband subscribers is15.897.400 and penetration rate is 10.1%.

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