5G Core Network Summit Was Held


Outstanding firms from information technologies and defense sectors, met on 15th June in Ankara for 5G Core Network Summit. Summit was held by Information and Communications Technologies Authority (ICTA), Havelsan, Aselsan and Netas and opening speeches were given by Mr. Ahmet ARSLAN, Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications (UDH) and Board Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih SAYAN. Deputy Secretary Mr. Galip Zerey, ICTA Board Members, heads of departments, top managers of Havelsan, Aselsan and Netas and faculty members participated in the Summit. “5G Roadmap for Turkey”, “ULAK Project and 5G”, “5G Core Network Technologies”, “Mobile Operators’ 5G Approach” titles were discussed elaborately.

“Wireless technology with 5G will serve on the same infrastructure”

Minister Mr. Arslan noted that although to produce technology in line with international criteria and sell it was a hard process, with patient and using full intelligence capacity would let us to reach our aim. Also he commented that domestic product obligation which was part of IMT authorization, would be made concrete by UDH and Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Mr. Arslan said that works on R&D and domestic products’ criteria was ongoing, Turkey should be among the countries producing 5G products and for this reason 5GTR Forum was founded. Mr. Aslan stated that to reach high speed, infrastructure like fiber should be more used in 5G Network therefore access infrastructure should be planned. Mr. Arslan also gave information about National Broadband Strategy studies and added that with these studies a roadmap would be prepared regarding short run and long run terms.

“The target is that develop domestic product and be among the firsts in the world”

Dr. Sayan thanked Havelsan, Aselsan, Netas and discoursers and mentioned that 5G was discussed on many platforms after President Erdogan’s speech in 2015 April about 5G, in which speech domesticity and becoming one of the leading countries were highlighted. He also explained that increasing number of smart devices, technological developments and consumers’ demand about speed, capacity and coverage quality triggered development in broadband technologies.

Dr. Sayan remarked that increasing number of devices connected to net, M2M applications, internet of things, energy efficiency in communication devices, asking for more speed and capacity made global mobile industry to focus on 5G.

Even though the industrial standards are yet to be defined, while fervent controversy continues regarding 5G, the leader equipment manufacturers on the subject have started site testing as a part of the R&D efforts. During the ITU World Radiocommunication meeting held last November in Geneva, the most important agenda items of WRC were about the 5G spectrum planning, again 5G was the main agenda in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona by GSMA this past February.
“5G will symbolize the beginning of an era in which the virtual dimension will come forth just as the physical dimension.” 

ICTA Chairman Dr. Sayan has stated that the competition between Asia, Europe and the U.S on new mobile communication technologies continues, and that 4G and 4.5G is being used actively in our country as well as numerous countries around the globe. As Dr. Sayan expressed: “The first commercial version of 5G is planned to be used in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea. Korea perceives this assignment as “equivalent to sending people to the moon”, declaring the use of 5G just as important as man stepping on the moon. 5G is expected to be activated in Japan and South Korea in 2020. Countries in the world that shine out in 5G such as Japan and South Korea, lie heavily on R&D efforts. The US, on the other hand couldn’t even wait for the standardization, and is already conducting its own work regarding 5G technology. So, why is 5G so important? Why is it talked about so much around the World? 5G will symbolize an era during which virtual dimension, in which almost everything outside human users will communicate with each other, will matter as much as the physical World we exist in.”

Emphasizing that a data tsunami is expected to happen according to the study conducted by the company MisOne after 2020, which is the year in which the first commercial applications of 5G will begin, Dr. Sayan states: “While the number of users and devices display a humble increase, it is predicted that after 2020, the average data in every km2 will experience a sixteen fold increase every 4 years, and the need of frequency will be 25 times more than today, and the number of base stations required will fold by 2000. This necessitates revolutional technological advance instead of evolutional for 5G, on an expenditure-driven foundation. 5G will not come to the fore with merely the concept of increased speed like the previous generations on which it is built. Service quality criteria such as the reduction of delay time parallel to the dramatic increase in the number of machine users and IoT applications, reduction of package losses and particularly improvement of the coverage quality in closed areas will come to the light. 

On the other hand, the use of hybrid networks and increasing the spectrum efficiency for increased speed is on the front burner. In this sense, in order to meet the requirements I have stated in the future, there will still be many software and hardware applications that need modification within the core and physical layers of 5G. 5G comes with an opportunity for a local ecosystem’s development to meet the substructure needs of our industry mostly with local resources. To sum up, the job opportunities in materializing 5G and the generations beyond are quite much. Especially for our universities and small to middle scale investors. For manufacturers, 5G means to become a part of a huge ecosystem. Even though we can’t be the country to produce the substructure components of 5G altogether in the first plan, we have got a big chance to increase locality in future generations. As public bodies, it is our part to actualize the motivation applications and legislation that will pave the way of our investors in this field.”

“It is thought that 5G will not only be one technology, it will be a combination of many concepts, services and technologies.”

Chairman of ICTA Dr. Sayan gave detailed information about the studies that has been made up to now, about 5G and said that in last year 5G topic became more popular in our country. Dr. Sayan said that “After the Auction of IMT-Advanced Services ICTA gave impetus to studies about 5G and made series of meeting with the representatives of sector. As a result of meetings and workshops mainly ICTA with related public bodies, universities in last year; it was evaluated that to be one of the country that have something to say about 5G as we see South Korea, Japan, China that are leading countries to the 5G technologies, at our country also to coordinate studies we need to set up a platform with public bodies, universities, manufacturers, operators and other NGOs.

ICTA established 5GTR forum to coordinate studies about 5G, to cooperate among stakeholders, to determine priority issues and contribute supporting the R&D activities, to make SME and small entrepreneurs part of the 5G ecosystem thinking that 5G is not only one technology but also combination of lots of concepts, services and technologies, to determine road map of 5G and to take needed steps with public bodies, universities and representatives of sector at the meeting that was held on 29 April 2016. We held second meeting on the occasion of working visit of The Korea Communications Commission to our country on 9 May. As you know when we visited Japan last year on October we signed a memorandum of understanding. We will also held a workshop with Japan representatives.”

“Our vision is to increase R&D and domestic product, work hard altogether and establish domestic ecosystem.”

Dr. Sayan gave information about vision, mission and targets for “5G and beyond” and said that “We stated our vision as working hard to increase R&D and domestic product about mobile communication technologies of public bodies, universities, institute, operators, NGOs and other entrepreneurs work altogether to increase R&D and domestic production and to establish domestic ecosystem that is continuously growing. Our mission is coordinating members to work harmonious with competitors by prioritizing national interests under 5GTR forum. In line with this vision our target is gaining new companies, investments, entrepreneurs and marks having global impact from our domestic ecosystem. Under 5GTR forum working groups are stated to create the basis of 5G, to focus software layer of the SDN/NFV networks and subjects about using frequency of hardware, physical network layer and application layer for the end users. 

Dr. Sayan underlined that all these studies will be handled in accordance with the objectives of our country, with Minister Arslan’s instructions and guidance and said that “ICTA is coordinating studies about 5G. Forum was established by a holistic approach with public bodies, mobile network operators, academicians, domestic manufacturers and NGOs. Meetings held with academicians and firms for the two fundamental components of 5G, as mentioned before, showed the requirement of the Forum. Gathering together of these volunteer parties in this group, the expected outcomes should be determined, prioritizing on projects title and work area, distribution of roles between members should be finished and contribute the relevant international standardization work with the 5GT Forum tag on behalf of our country. Public institutions and organizations, our mobile network operators, our universities, private entrepreneurs and civil society organizations will take place in these aforementioned study groups. Formation of the group, meeting schedule, working principles and procedures with task distribution will be announced soon. Under the 5GTR Forum roof all kinds of conferences, workshops, seminars, panels and similar meetings will be held in our country for 5G and beyond. Intellectual property rights of the projects and work outputs such as patent, copyright, brand in Groups depends on the employment contracts between all sides took part in this project and work. Groups in their areas will submit a report related to priority R&D projects and study subjects to the Consulting and Advisory Board each year. Members will carry out all kinds of international activities on the behalf of 5GTR Forum including international organizations in line with the condition to provide information. Groups will report about all kinds of activities to include evaluations, opinions, suggestions and criticisms. Our public institutions, private sector, universities and NGOs, etc.,…none of us is holding magic wand. At this point, all of us have to take responsibility. He said “private sector representatives and academicians working in the same field should leave competitive concerns aside, to put national interests of our forefront and is extremely important to come together as parties traveling in the same boat"

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