Data of the World will be carried through Turkey


Turckcell data center, that is the biggest one in Turkey, has opened. This center will carry data from all over the World through Turkey. Ahmet Arslan, minister of transport, maritime affairs and communication, and Dr. Fatih Sayan, head of information and communication technologies authority, attended the opening ceremony. Center that will enable to keep date in turkey will make possible companies to gets service turn-key basis in the field of data storage and cloud without any investing.

Ahmet Arslan, minister of transport, maritime affairs and communication, remarked at the opening speech that we had to create, use and store data instead of only purchasing it to carry Turkey into future. He added that we should cover a ground in the field of data storage because our country is a data importer and 96% of data created in the Turkish internet circle is stored in the date centers based in overseas.

Minister stated that is a big step for Turkey in the data storage field and expressed his thanks to Turkcell family and those who contributed to establish this biggest data center in Turkey.

“5G vision set forth by the president of the republic is the signal flare for us to increase our efforts for local and national production”

Head of ICTA Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan addressed at the opening ceremony and said “Developing some innovation and knowledge related centers like R&D centers, data centers and innovation centers that information will be store, analyzed and processed are the most important investments to increase the competitive capacity of Turkey in the international field. I would like to give special thanks to the operators and manufacturers for the efforts in this field. Today technology is used as a common property regardless of its inventor or homeland. However, this situation doesn’t change the reality that this technology has a patent and this patent gives the inventor country a competitive power. Because of that technological development based on innovation and R&D becomes the most important factor for a sustainable development. Anymore nobody produces for their own needs. Any product or service comprise of efforts from thousands starting from design, development, production to marketing and distribution. As a country if we stay at “consuming part” we can’t reach our 2023 goals.

He remarked that 5G vision set forth by the president of the republic is the signal flare for us to increase our efforts for local and national production and he added “we have very young population to employ in these fields. That is a big opportunity for us but at the same time big responsibility. We leaped forward at the leadership of our prime minister in the field of enhancing competition, adopting politics giving particular importance of consumer interest and cyber security in last 14 years. Industry 4.0, M2M, internet of things, cloud computing systems and big date will be the most important areas in the short and medium term. Today’s world the data is the most precious resource. There are 4 billion internet users, 3 billion mobile broadband subscribers and more than 1 billion of fixed broadband subscribers. need for bandwidth is increasing day by day in both mobile and fixed internet. Fiber infrastructure is increasing its value each passing day as a locomotive of broadband. 512 kbps was set as a broadband speed just 10 years before. Today ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is adjusting broadband speed 2 Mbps. After successfully carrying out 4,5 licensing Access speed has already increased 7-8 times in our country. It is estimated that a family of four will have 50 devices connected to internet in 2022 at OECD countries. İnternet traffic created by these devices will be carried easily though fast networks like 4,5G. Next 10 years It is expected that data traffic in turkey will go up to 6 to 10 times. All these processes are creating data and this data is very valuable. In the past industrial revolutions Steam engine, assembly line, transistors were the key words now “Big data” is the symbol of new industrial revolution that is called industry 4.0. Countries, which are not only producing data but also store, keep safe, enable easy access this data, analyze and transform data into valuable information, will get upper hand in competition.

There is a nice saying in marine jargon that our prime minister like to mention as well “the power of chain is like the power of its weakest hoop”
“One important factor for the cyber security of critic infrastructure is local and national production”

Dr. Sayan said “we should have a multi-dimensional perspective and take measures in the field of from software to hardware and from applications to data centers. Critical data hosted by individuals, institutions or state organs and information system, technology and services used to store such critical data are under cyber threat in the modern World. This data center, which is the biggest one in the “Tier 3” level, will not only increase Access speed and quality level of end users but also contribute to cyber security of Turkey by keeping our data in country”

Sayan told that share of research-development expenditure in the gross domestic product (GDP) increased in last ten years. Sayan said “one of the 2023 goals is to increase share of R&D expenditure in GDP to 2,5%-3%. That rate was 0,54% in 2001 and today it is about 1%. More importantly in the past generally public sector and universities made R&D expenditure today we are glad to see that private sector increased its R&D expenditure as well. İnformation and communication technologies authority make a huge contribution in the field of opening big R&D centers in the ICT sector, promoting R&D employment, creating of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, establishing institutional and sustainable entities by means of its regulations. I believe that Turkcell Gebze data center will add huge value to our sector and on this opportunity I would like to congratulate those who contributed”

Gebze Data Center

Center is build on 33.000 square meters and used 33.000-meter fiber cable. 275 million Turkish lira will be invested following 3 years and in this way Data center will pave the way for content providers like youtube, google, facebook in order to keep their data in Turkey. Likewise, data created in turkey will be stored in the country by this center build by international standards. Data center will be transition point between Europe and Far East and it will be monitored with 6.400 censors constantly. Center is designed to keep working even during an earthquake with 9 magnitudes and its doors and walls are built to stand against fire for 120 minutes.

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