ICTA Chairman Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan Attended Opening Ceremony Of The 4.5G Domestic Production Facility


Information And Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan attended the opening ceremony of the 4.5G domestic production facility of Huawei. Sector executives also attended the ceremony that is held on June 22 in İstanbul.

Dr. Sayan started his speech by saying his gladness of being together with opening of Huawei’s “4.5G Domestic Production Facility” that will give support to the mobilization of increasing the domestic and national products about the sector of information and communication technology. 

Then Dr. Sayan said that “I appreciate Huawei’s D&R and producing activities about both software and hardware that is made to meet the needs of the operators. Huawei is moving forward his activities about R&D to production facility. With these activities and 1600 employees and over 60 business partnership, that makes 4.000 people, very important for information and communication technology ecosystem and so this makes Huawei important part of increasing economy. I also care products, that are used all over the world, are developed in Turkey and patent of these products are taken by Huawei. I also remind that Huawei continues to operate with 380 persons and we expect from Huawei producing more qualified products that designed and produced in Turkey. We know that Huawei has more than 50 thousand patents but very few of these patents are developed in R&D center of Turkey. I think that Huawei should give importance to this subject. At the same time I think that this center is built not for making assembly or interim solution for the 4.5 auction, this center is built in real sense producing domestic products.”

“ICTA will control if the incumbent operators met their obligations or not.”

Chairman Dr. Sayan underlined that with 4.5 G auction ICTA make the operators increase their domestic investment about network and said that: 

“ICTA will control if the incumbent operators met their obligations or not. And we altogether will see affect of this in a while. By the way domestic product is important not only for the incumbency it is also important to have power about economic power. We pay attention to ULAK for the reason we see this project as a nucleus of increasing domestic products. Even to produce only domestic 5G base station, that is still needed, is important for not only economic value but also it means new employment, new investment and opening new business areas. More important than that, this means sector is beginning to develop technology and produce from keeping up with technology.”

“5G subject has become popular and focus of the attention.”

Dr. Sayan mentioned that 5G was discussed on many platforms after President Erdogan’s speech in 2015 April and continued:

President Erdogan highlighted domesticity and becoming one of the leading countries in 5G. On the other hand Prime Minister claimed that with 4.5G, we have started building communication roads which are information roads on the same time. We hope that with producing domestic 5G technology, we will broaden these ways and provide people with fast and secure communication. During last one year period 5G has attracted attention in our country and our Authority held several meetings with supervisors from telecommunications sector.

As a result of these meetings and examining studies in countries like South Korea, Japan and China which are leading in 5G studies, it is evaluated that cooperation of government, universities, producers, operators and NGO’s and coordination by a platform are crucial issues. So we founded 5GTR Forum on 29th April 2016, in order to coordinate 5G activities, support R&D studies, develop technologies for SDN/NFV and forming 5G roadmap. We held our second meeting with Korea Communications Commission, they visited our country on 9th May. And as a third meeting we met Havelsan, Aselsan and Netas’ supervisors in Ankara. As you know during the visit to Japan in October, we signed Memorandum of Understanding about cooperation in 5G. In September, we will organize a two-day workshop with Japan experts.

Digital Transform

Dr. Sayan said that with 4.5G, telecommunications ecosystem will expand and he continued:

Mankind uses information and communication technologies in daily life intensively so to hesitate means to go backward. It’s a choice between standing online and offline, and we chose to be online. I want to inform you about worldwide developments in information and communication technologies. Number of mobile subscriptions is bigger than world population and number of internet users reached to 4,3 billion. International Telecommunication Union studies show that between 2000 and 2015 number of internet users increased 7 times and ratio to world population increased from 6,5% to 43%. To reach 60% by 2020 works are carried out. Mobile broadband user penetration increased dramatically and between 2007 and 2015 worldwide average increased 12 times and resulted as 47%. Global coverage of third generation broadband increased from 45% to 69% between 2011 and 2015. In our country by the help of 4.5G, mobile broadband will be transformed many locations. Celebrating 100th anniversary of foundation of Turkish Republic, 95% of population will have ability to use 4.5G. In the world, fixed broadband increases slowly and average increase in last three years is 7%. Fiber subscriptions are the main reason for this increase.

On the other hand, 4 billion people living in developing countries of the world population are still offline, unfortunately 1 billion of these could not use the internet. In the year of 2020 there are foresights that 50 billion objects are to be connected to the internet in our world, being failure of a great masses of people to meet the internet yet, is a subject what we need to consider. However, this year in a special session organized by the World Economic Forum in Davos, the report of the United Nations’ Broadband Commission for Digital Development was discussed. According to this report, a work for 1.5 billion more people to be connected until 2020 is being done. To establish of this infrastructure, 450 billion US dollars of infrastructure investment is needed. It is of course important that increasing the quantitative proportion of the people and the objects connected to the internet.

Another important issue is the subject of increasing the content of internet. Today only 5% of the world's languages make up the content of the internet. Because of this reason, many languages, knowledge, culture are facing with disappearance. That is why we care so much to increase the local content. While information and communication technologies sector is a direct business sector itself, it is also directly or indirectly interested in a lot of sectors. During more than 13 million business is being done, in any way requires the use of mobile phones directly.

I would like to remind some of useful data in Turkey. In the last five years, broadband internet subscribers increased from 14.3 million to 51.6 million in Turkey. When we go back thirteen years ago, we see that there are only 20 thousand broadband internet subscribers but now the number of mobile subscribers is 73.8 million. 65.9 million of these are 3G subscribers. M2M subscribers reached 3.2 million. Just in the past year, the number of 3G subscribers have increased over 10% and the number of M2M subscribers have increased over 25%. Through the introduction of the service approximately 2.5 months have passed and the number of subscribers using 4.5 G services has exceeded 12.7 million. Today, not only the number of subscribers increases in Turkey but also the amount of data downloaded and uploaded as long as the number of internet users and duration of use rapidly grows. 

Amount of fixed internet usage rate of increased by 46.9% compared to the previous year, the amount of mobile internet usage increased by 88%. This upward trend continues without cutting rates. Increasing 10% in the broadband access causes 1% to 2% increase in countries’ national income. This effect is about 1.6% in Turkey. With starting of the 4.5G service in the coming period, we will see better contribution to the national income of increasing the speed more than 10 times for data download and upload by reflecting production. Now, digital conversion has become mandatory in industry.

Digital conversion, solely, can be achieved by countries having stronger broadband access infrastructure. Currently, in total 15 billion sensor and various objects are connected to the internet over the world. This is expected to reach 50 billion in 2020 and 100 billion in 2025. GSMA estimates that 1.7 trillion US dollars infrastructure investment for LTE will be made between the years of 2015-2020 by mobile operators. These developments that we have mentioned a few examples and will have of in a short period, will be seen on the subject of internet of things and analysis of big data. until of objects to be seen on the internet and big data analysis. I see a benefit to invest to be done in human resources or infrastructures by considering these developments accordingly.

Huawei Enterprise Turkey

Huawei Turkey started its activities with the telecommunications sector in 2002. It got to work with all mobile operators (Turkcell, Turk Telekom Group, Vodafone Turkey) as a result of 4.5G mobile spectrum auction as of the date of April 1, 2016. A memorandum on conducting joint studies for 5G was also signed with both Vodafone and Turkcell mobile operators in 2015. Huawei received the award of the largest IT infrastructure provider in 2014 and 2015 acoording to ICT500 investigations.

Consisting of 85% of Turkish workers, Huawei Turkey has been in service for the area of carrier networks, enterprise solutions and operates in end-user products for 14 years. Huawei Enterprise Turkey, in 2015, grew up by 185% respect to 2014. Huawei Enterprise closed the year of 2015 as growing up by 43.8% compared to the same period of last year in global basis. 

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