Application Guide for Authorizations



There are some requirements to apply for authorizations:


(1) Following conditions are required for the company applying to the Authority for authorization by means of notification and granting right of use with notification:


a) Company must be founded in legal status of incorporation or limited company according to the laws of Republic of Turkey for the purpose of performing activities within the scope of authorization or together with such activities, required and/or relevant device sales, installation, maintenance-repair and consultancy, 

b) Its scope of activity in the articles of incorporation as published on the Trade Registry Gazette, whereby the company is registered and announced, must include the wording “providing electronic communication/telecommunication service and/or building and operating electronic communication/telecommunication network or infrastructure” or the electronic communication activity for which it seeks authorization


c) Natural person partners having minimum ten percentage of the company’s shares and the persons authorized for managing and representing the legal entity should not have been sentenced for in the information and communication technologies sector crimes provided in chapter Ten of the third Section of Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237 and dated 26/9/2004 and, excluding unwilling crimes, these persons should not have been sentenced for penal servitude or imprisonment for more than five years, or legal fraud, corruption, bribery, theft, confidence tricks, misfeasance, forgery, fidelity, fraudulent bankruptcy, crimes of smuggling, bid rigging, money laundering, tax smuggling or participating in tax smuggling crimes, 

(2) For the authorizations relevant to limited number of right of use application conditions are sought excluding paragraph (a) of the fist clause of Article 7. Moreover, 


a) By reserving paragraph (a) of the temporary 4th Article of the By-Law, the applicant company must have been founded, or be founded within the time limit specified under the relevant tender’s specification, as an incorporation according to the laws of Republic of Turkey only for the purpose of executing activities under the scope of authorization, 


b) All of the shares of the incorporated company shall be nominative, 


c) Conditions specified under relevant legislation and/or tender specification shall be met. 


(3) Applications not meeting the conditions specified under first and second clauses above and/or not suitable to the notary public approved signature circular shall be accepted as null. 

(4) Operator is obliged to meet conditions specified under first and second clauses above by reserving the Authority’s regulations. In case these conditions are lost or confirmed later that these conditions have not been satisfied, the Authority shall ask the operator to meet them by granting a proper time period taking into account the characteristic of the breach. In case of failing to meet conditions at the end of the period the authorization shall be terminated.


Services and Infrastructures are classified according to Authorization Types.Authorization Types could be seen by the following document.


The Template for Company Charters required for Authorization Applications.


Notification Form for Companies to apply for Authorization by notification.


Right of Use Application Form for Companies to apply for Right of Use.


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