Quality Management System



Quality Management System

ICTA was predicated on the Total Quality Management concept, which has proved its success at an international level, in order to provide services with a contemporary understanding of management system in the regulation, authorization and supervision activities as a Regulatory Authority. 
ICTA has established the “Quality Management System” and has it approved by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), as an independent licensing institution, in 11.12.2002. Then ICTA has become the first autonomous authority with the TSE-ISO-EN-9001:2000 QMS license; and it established its quality management system in 4 main processes which are: Regulation, Supervision, Permission, Management and Support.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to provide services with the personnel that are happy to be the members of ICTA and that are experts in their fields; to perform the regulatory procedures, including the whole communication sector, which is a driving force of the globalizing world, as per the international norms and standards; to increase the satisfaction of those providing and receiving services; to ensure equality and fairness for all benefiting from our services being aware of our mission and vision and our responsibilities; to ensure continuous improvement of our service quality as per the innovations in science and technology; to improve the system efficiency considering the conditions of the management system and to be the best.


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